Top Indianapolis Sign Company

Premier Sign Group was started in 1999, when founder Greg Cunningham stepped down from his sales role at another sign company with a dream of bringing his ideals to reality. His vision was to build a company that is completely focused on the customer, tapping into the expertise of a small but knowledgeable group of signage experts to deliver the best products and unmatched value.

In more than 20 years, we’ve seen changes in the sign industry. Composite sheets have replaced sheet metal. Vinyl has largely been replaced with full-color digital printing. And, most notably, low-voltage LED technology has made neon and fluorescent signs obsolete. With every improvement in materials and technology, Premier Sign Group engages in continuing education to ensure that we’re providing the most cutting-edge, ecology-minded, and energy-efficient sign so that you get the best products available. We pride ourselves as experts in our field so that you can rest assured that, with Premier Sign Group on your side, your sign will be the best it can be.

Custom Signs. Created Just for You.

Some signs come from a set of corporate guidelines. Others begin in your head, coaxed into reality with the help of our graphic artists. But a well-built sign is the silent workhorse in a business— attracting viewers and advertising your business every day and night, all year long. Premier Sign Group has the knowledge, experience, and talent to bring your concept to reality. Call us today to get started on your custom sign project.

LED Retrofits

Let’s face it: neon and fluorescent signs are costing you money. But just because your sign and commercial lighting are using old technology, doesn’t mean they need to be replaced. Modern LED illumination can directly replace your old components. You’ll notice brighter, cleaner illumination from Day One. Low-voltage power supplies will make your sign safer and last longer. And you’ll see immediate reduction in your electrical costs. If your sign has good bones, contact us today to bring it up to date with an LED Retrofit.

Service and Maintenance

Whether your electrical sign has stopped lighting or your site sign has suffered damage after a wind storm, Premier Sign Group’s crew of experienced, professional technicians have the tools and knowledge to repair your sign quickly and effectively. If your sign isn’t working at 100%, then it’s not working for you. Contact us today to schedule a visit, and we’ll have your sign working again in no time.

Consultation and Permitting

It’s a fact of life: there’s going to be some red tape. Premier Sign Group’s crew can help to ensure that your sign will comply with local ordinances, and we can even obtain permits & variances on your behalf. Let us take the guesswork out the permitting process.