Channel Letters

Channel letters are an ideal way to identify and attract visitors to your business. You can choose from either illuminated, reverse lit or non-illuminated letters. All letters are typically individually formed and, if illuminated, contain neon or L.E.D.’s for illumination and acrylic faces for color.

Your next choice will be the attachment method of the letters to your building or storefront. Channel letters can either be flush-mounted or raceway mounted. This decision depends largely upon the surface, overall look you are seeking and your landlord’s signage criteria. Both physical access and access of electrical power to the area behind where the letters are to be placed is important to consider as well.

Letters that are flush mounted, are attached individually to the building with all electrical pulled through behind the surface from each letter. (ie: pre-cast concrete, block) The other option is to mount the letters to a raceway, or a box channel, whereby the individual letters attach to the channel itself as opposed to the wall surface. (ie: brick, cinder block) All electrical workings are contained within the raceway which is then attached to the mounting surface with minimal penetration to the wall.

Your Premier Sign Group representative can assist you in making the best choices of materials and installation methods for your particular project.